Aim: This subject aims to provide students with a general knowledge of the regulatory, legal and reporting framework of auditing in HK and an understanding of the basic principles of auditing and to test students' ability to understanding information as a key resource and asset of all kinds of organizations and to appreciate how management information systems with the appropriate technologies can create value and improve the competitive advantage of organizations.


Examination Format (3 hours):

Section A: One question (compulsory)                                  40 marks

Section B: 3 out of 4 questions (20 marks each)                  60 marks

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Course Outline:

Part I Auditors' Responsibilities and Audit Approach

Chapter 1 Audit Objectives and Audit Process


Chapter 2 Regulatory Framework of Auditing


Chapter 3 Professional Ethics


Chapter 4 Materiality and Risk


Chapter 5 Audit Planning and Documentation


Chapter 6 Audit Evidence and Audit Testing


Chapter 7 Audit Sampling


Chapter 8 Internal Control Evaluation


Part II Audit of Business Cycles

Chapter 9 Sales and Collection Cycle


Chapter 10 Purchase and Payment Cycle


Chapter 11 Payroll and Personnel Cycle


Chapter 12 Inventory and Production Cycle


Part III Audit of Operations and Balance Sheet Items

Chapter 13 Audit of Non-current Assets


Chapter 14 Audit of Cash and Bank Balances


Chapter 15 Audit of Operations and Other items of Statement of Financial Positions


Part IV Completion of Audit and Reporting

Chapter 16 Contingencies and Subsequent Events


Chapter 17 Final Review of Financial Statements


Chapter 18 Communication with Management and those Charged with Governance


Chapter 19 Auditors' Report


Part V Computer Audit

Chapter 20 Audit under Computerized Environment


Chapter 21 Computer Auditing Techniques

Part VI Information Systems Development

Chapter 22 Information Systems Strategies


Chapter 23 System Development Process



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Revision - Part VII

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Prepared by: Harris Lui

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