ACCA P3 Business Analysis


Examination Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Examination Format: Section A Compulsory question          50 marks

                       Section B 2 from 3 questions           50 marks


Reference Books:

1. BPP, ACCA  Paper P3 Business Analysis

2. Kaplan, ACCA Paper P3 Business Analysis


Part I Strategic Position

Chapter 1 The Purpose of Strategic and Business Analysis


Chapter 2 Strategic Position and the Business Environment


Chapter 3 Competitive Forces Affecting Strategic Position


Chapter 4 Marketing and the Value of Goods and Services


Chapter 5 Internal Resources, Capabilities and Competences



Part II Strategic Choices

Chapter 6 The Influence of Corporate Strategy on an Organization


Chapter 7 Alternative Approaches to Achieving Competitive Advantage


Chapter 8 Alternative Directions and Methods of Development

Part III Strategic Action

Chapter 9 Organizing and Enabling Success


Chapter 10 Managing Strategic Change


Chapter 11 Stakeholders

Part IV Business Process Change

Chapter 12 Business Process Change


Part V Information Technology

Chapter 13 Information Technology


Part VI Project Management

Chapter 14 Project Management


Part VII Financial Analysis

Chapter 15 Finance Strategy - Investment Appraisal and Ratio


Chapter 16 Financial Strategy - Management Accounting


Part VIII People

Chapter 17 Human Resources Management


Prepared by: Harris Lui

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