ACCA P2 Corporate Reporting


Examination Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Examination Format: Section A Compulsory question          50 marks

                       Section B 2 from 3 questions           50 marks


Reference Books:

1. BPP, ACCA  Paper P2 Corporate Reporting

2. Kaplan, ACCA Paper P2 Corporate Reporting

3. Intermediate Financial Reporting, An IFRS Perspective, 2nd ed., Nelson Lam and Peter Lau, McGraw Hill

4. Accounting in Hong Kong : Regulatory Framework and Advanced Accounting Practice, W. F. Hui and P. H. Ng

5. Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide, CCH

6. Intermediate Accounting, IFRS Edition, Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield, Wiley



Part I: Reporting Standards

1. Non-current assets


2. Fair value measurement (IFRS 13)


3. Provisions, contingencies (IAS 37) and events after the reporting period (IAS 10)


4. Share-based payment (IFRS 2)


5. Leases (IAS 17)


6. Employee Benefits (IAS 19)


7. Revenue Recognition (IAS 18)


8. Income Taxes (IAS 12)


9. Financial instruments (IAS 32, IAS 39, IFRS 7 and IFRS 9)


10. Related Parties (IAS 24)



Part II: Group Financial Statements

11. Revision of basic groups

12. Complex groups


13. Changes in group structures


14. Foreign currency transactions and entities


15. Group statement of cash flows


16. Group reorganisations


Part III: Regulatory and Ethical Framework

17. Financial reporting framework


18. Professional and ethical duty of the accountant


19. Environmental and social reporting


Part IV: Performance Reporting

20. Performance reporting


21. Current developments


22. Adoption of HKFRS


23. Reporting for specialised entities


24. Reporting for small and medium-sized entities

Supplementary Notes

Consolidated SFP

Consolidated SFP with adjustments

Consolidated SOCI

Consolidation with associates


Chapter 1 Non-current assets


Chapter 2 Fair value measurement


Chapter 3 Provisions, contingencies and events after reporting period


Chapter 4 Share-based payments


Chapter 5 Revenue Recognition


Chapter 6 Employee benefits


Chapter 7 Income tax


Chapter 8 Financial instruments


Chapter 9 Leases


Chapter 10 Related party


Chapter 11 Complex group


Chapter 12 Change of group structure


               Q8 Answer

Chapter 13 Group statement of cash flows


HKSC Mock 2 Questions (Jun 13) Revised

HKSC Mock 2 Answers (Jun 13) Revised

Prepared by: Harris Lui

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